Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am loving me some Mother Goose!

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Nothing really special about todays look. I did want to focus on the skin though. Many times i will buy a male skin just because of the lack of makeup.I am loving me some Mother Goose! Mother goose is one of my favorite skin shops, mainly because of the asian skins, they are gorgeous, Of course many of the skins are for younger avatars , mainly children. The prices are so very cheap you could buy many many skins for the price of just one in some stores i seen. There is not a shortage on detail though.The realism of these skins is breathtaking.  The male section is not huge but for around 350L you can buy a skin and shape. Style card below. Thanks for stopping by ;-) 

Details:(coming soon)
Skin;Mother Goose'
face piercings

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Biker Butch

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Howdy ya'll. Today is all about the leather! Love me some leather pants and boots, and thats where im going to start this post. The Abyss has some fresh new leather pants and boots out. Well they are new to me of course. As with anything from The Abyss they are the bomb--the detailing on them is amazing. I paired it up with the brand spanking new leather coat from Grasp. The little details on this jacket are subperb You can also put your own graphics on the back of the shell. While i was there i paid the 50L to join thier group and grabbed all the gifts off the wall, Got some pretty cool rings and a neclace, but they also have a scarf and 3 differant colored flip flops. Well worth the 50L join fee. In the second picture i dolled out my more femme alt in a corset again from The Abyss. These are not new by any means, i have had them for some time and have loved this baby a lot. I paired it with some leather pants frm the grasp, and topped off the look with some Lamb hair, and Sinistyle boots. Thats it for now--off to find some 50L friday things. Ciao baby!

Style card:
Picture one:

Skin- Arabell- carmel -Apple May Designs (only 75 Lindens @the pure juice event)
Tank-  Army Green Pornstar -Luck Inc.
Hair- JAI233 chocolate- Boon
Hair base- spider web black- Aitui
Bracelet - 19 chain bracelet- 19MC
Pants and boots- Distressed leather pants (female fit) and Slow rider black leather boots- The Abyss
Jacket, Necklace, ring- Leather biker jacket 2010 (male fit) Jewelry are group gifts - Grasp

Picture two:

Skin: Josje Cream Winter CL1- Dutch touch
Eyes: Soul 2 eyes blue 1-Madesigns
Jewelry: Ephemeral Barbed heart bracelet and choker- Ephemeral Creations
Corset: Pruriency corset in violently violet-  The Abyss
Pants and belt - Leather pants 1- Grasp
Boots - Animosity- Sinistyle
Tattoo- flowers on my arms 2- Luck Inc.
Hair- Glass Candy Ink- !Lamb-

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

slouchy butch

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Today i am rocking the slouch look. From the top of my head down to my toes its all about the slouch! First off i am loving this over sized slouch cap from Hermony. He is a fairly new designer i believe but he had a vast array of tanks and tees all nicely detailed.The shirt i am absolutely in love with, it even has a prim collar and tie, that is essential in any butch wardrobe. It is from primitive designs, did i mention how much i love this store? The boots i have on are from there as well and only 120L a pair. They are beautifully detailed and worth every cent. The slouch pants..i run across these babies by accident. They are from keiki and i believe a Japanese artist. I love the Asian sims and creators! They have two boxers options and very nicely detailed.  The ring and piercings are from there as well and only 10L a piece. Last but not least is a new skin i grabbed up for 250L at cupcakes. Go to the service desk and catch this steal while you can.  It has that no make up look and comes with quite a few eyebrow options on a tattoo layer. Anyhow get your slouch on and happy shopping.

Hat: Oversized Beanie / Black-Hermony
Shirt: Yakuzza with prim tie option-Primitive Design
Necklace: Druidamus  necklace - I See You - Earth-SLX
Skin: Kawaii - Copper - Natural-cupcakes
Pants: Coverall/Red-Keiki
Socks: textured white slouch sock (tinted) SLX
Ring and piercing: Skull ring, mouse piercings-Keiki
Boots: desert boots grey/black-Primitive design

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

so ripped

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So today i went shopping with a friend, I told her I  needed some ripped destroyed jeans and  we shot on over  a place called razorblade jacket. It didn't take long to figure out choosing one pair in the vast array was going to be a challenge. Plus the price is right on at 169L. (thank you my lil twinkie for the jeans) I picked these because it reminded me of the way i used to modify my jeans (and chuck taylors) in high school.I basically centered my outfit around those jeans. I sooo love these..they are highly detailed. Though they are a little more feminine then i usually go for, but the male looks weren't to my liking this time. The jeans show a little more hip and tail  than i am accustomed too, but the detail more then makes up for that. The patches have that 80's retro flair that's oh so cool. I topped the outfit off with my next favorite find. A leather coat by Maknie, also a cheap but versatile find and only 200L It also has that retro feel that will go with nearly everything. The skin i have on was a fairly good find considering I'm really picky about skin and finding a good look without all the makeup. Primitive Design has great group gifts, You pay 250L but it is more then worth it at the gifts that you get. It is one of my favorite stores in Second life right now, and I'm sure if you follow my blog you will see a lot more on this store. Last but not least  i topped off the look with a hair base from Deetalez and also the mohican hair do. I am so loving the blond look. Anyhow ciao for now and happy shopping!

Outfit details and links:
Hair base and hair: Shaved flowery blonde & Mohican blonde- Deetalz
Skin: Neva skin pale with freckles and cleavage (free if you join group) -Primitive Design
Glasses: KABUKI {BEKKOU TSUBAKI}02- Crie Style (or you can find these for free Here)
Jeans: All Patched Up Jeans w/ Fishnets- Razorblade Jacket
Belt: Druidamus belt -only one key (Not sure if this guy has a store or not but it can be found on slx here)
Tank: tanktop male white- Deetalez
Jacket: Retro and leather- Maknie
Shoes:  Animals sneakers -Hoc Industries
necklace:Wrench Necklace 2.02 (free) [19MC]

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunshine is delicious

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Ah sunshine is delicious!The weather is getting warmer, so of course its time to shed them layers of clothes and bust out the shorts. I come across a fantastic pair of cargo shorts from Hoorenbeek and was motivated to throw this little outfit together. First let me say i love these shorts, They come in a long and short version, with sculpted front and back pockets. The belt is fantastic and of course doesn't lack realism at all. There are so many options they were more then worth the L's i spent on these babies. I tossed on a flannel hoodie from Sey. Sey is definitely one of my favorite top ten stores in second life. Of course i also balanced it out with the black Sey tongs as well. These tongs are so versatile it is unbelievable. They come with a hud that adjusts the skin color, and also toenail colors. These go with nearly everything i have, so yeah they are definitely my favorites. Another favorite place for me to visit is The Dressing Room they have a vast array of goodies from some of second life designers at cheapie prices. Today i picked up a male hairstyle made by Kletva and paired it up with a hair base tattoo from Aitui. The red wife beater i nabbed at Deetalz for a mere 40L they have a lot of colors to choose from, I believe it is a temporary special, so better hurry in and grab a few. One of my favorite things is facial piercings and tattoos. Leti's Tattoo and piercing shop is one of my favorite tattoo places in Second life. The work there is excellent, not to mention very affordable, I don't think I have purchased a tattoo in there for more then 150L. The leg tattoo is one of my favorite, it comes in many different versions..for example one for the right leg, left leg, and both legs. Anyhow ciao for now and happy shopping!

Outfit details and links:
Spider web hair base in black Aitui
Mohawk in kerosene black- Kletva or main store Kletva mainstore Only 60L for a limited time.
Facial piercings Jess- Pierce of Mind (Pom)
Wifebeater tank in red- DeeTaleZ only 40L for a limited time.
Buttoned Hoodie in brown plaid Sey
Sey Tongs in black- Sey
Cargo Short in khaki- Hoorenbeek
Leg Tattoo Sweet skull- Leti's Tattoo and piercing
Unisex anklet Nornir-Rozoregalia
Eyes-Loneliness (an animal)-MAD Designs
Skin- Aline 01 Glow skin-Laqroki
earrings-made by a special friend not for sale